Apply for Highway permits and services on-line.  Fees are payable on-line or by mailing a check to the Highway Department.  If you have questions regarding permits, please call (218) 824-1110 or email us.

2017 Highway Department Fee Schedule

Driveway Access

Driveway access to a county road requires that a permit be obtained by the landowner prior to construction.   The County Board has adopted a Driveway Access Policy, revised on July 8, 2014, which includes construction specifications.   A deposit of $500.00 for a residential driveway or $750.00 for a commercial driveway is required when the application is submitted.  If a culvert is needed, materials are provided to the applicant and costs deducted from the deposit. Apply for a driveway permit on-line. 

Moving a Building / Oversize Load

Movement of a building and loads in excess of 8.5 feet wide and/or 14 feet tall require that a permit be obtained prior to movement over county roads.  A list of stipulations for moving is attached to the permit form.  Overweight permits are not available when seasonal weight restrictions are in place.  A single move permit is $10.00, an annual permit (for those who plan multiple moves through the county within the year) is $50.00.  Apply for a moving permit on-line.

If the move is over state highways, check with the Minnesota Department of Transportation for requirements. 

See Minnesota State Statute: 169.80 Size, Weight, Load for more information regarding oversize loads.

Special Events on County Roads

Groups holding special events such as parades, walking/running/biking events, etc. on a county road are requested to complete a permit application to provide information regarding their event.  A map of the parade/event route, traffic control plans and a copy of the group's certificate of insurance are requested to assist with coordination for the safety of the participants and the traveling public through the event area.  A trailer with a selection of traffic control devices is available for use by groups on a first-come, first-served basis. Rental fee is $10.00.  There is no charge for this permit. Apply for a special events permit on-line. 

Snowmobile Trail Permit

A permit is needed to designate a two-way trail along a county road.  Stipulations for establishment of a two-way trail are attached to the permit.  There is no cost to obtain a permit. Apply for a snowmobile trail permit on-line.

Installation of Utilities

Installation of a utility within a county road right of way requires a permit be obtained prior to digging.  Stipulations for construction are attached to the permit. There is a minimum fee of $100.00 for the first mile and $50.00 for each additional mile of construction. Apply for a utility permit on-line


Mailbox Supports

The County Board adopted a Mailbox Support Policy which was revised on January 1, 2017.  The policy includes a diagram showing specifications for installation of the approved swing-a-way mailbox support.

Residents living on a county road may purchase a mailbox support for $37.76(includes tax), or have it installed for $70.12(includes tax). Order a mailbox support to be installed and pay on-line.  

Residents not living on a county road may purchase a mailbox support for $70.12 (includes tax) at the Highway Department.

One-Time Maintenance

Residents within the First Assessment (Unorganized Territory) may petition for one-time maintenance of roads platted for public use but not maintained by the County or State.  Basic, non-routine maintenance will be provided by the County, acting on behalf of the unorganized township, as outlined in the policy adopted by the County Board on October 23, 2007.  Roads that are maintained by the County within the First Assessment are listed by road name or may be viewed on a map.  A Petition for Maintenance Service may be submitted on-line.


Specific Service Signs, those that direct travelers to a specific business, are ordered and installed by the Highway Department along county roads.  The county's policy regarding approval of Specific Service Signs is attached to the application.  Cost of a Specific Service Sign is $377.50 (includes tax).  Apply for a Specific Service Sign on-line.

E-911 address signs are issued and installed by the Land Services Department.