Land Sales

Crow Wing County schedules two tax forfeited land sales each year; normally late spring and early fall. The sale is a public, oral auction. The sale is not a sealed bid auction. If a party is unable to attend the auction, bids will be accepted by the Auditor-Treasurer's office by mail prior to the sale, providing appropriate down payment is enclosed. Bids received by mail are first read aloud before bidding is opened to the general public. Tracts are offered for sale in the order shown on the land sale list.

New Interactive Map PC & Smartphone Application

Land Services has developed an interactive map application to view and search for tax-forfeited property available for sale. Detailed information about location, size and appraised value for all tracts offered at auction can be viewed here in the Searchable Map Application.
Interested buyers may also contact Land Services staff at 218-824-1115 or by email for more information. 
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Unsold Land
The following list of lands were offered at public auctions on October 12, 2007, September 19, 2008, October 30, 2009, November 19, 2010, November 4, 2011, July 27, 2012, November 9, 2012, June 21, 2013, December 13, 2013, May 16, 2014 and November 21, 2014 and remain unsold. 

They are currently available for sale at the starting bid price until such time as they are withdrawn from the sale list by county board action. Buyer will receive a state deed. Crow Wing County makes no warranties as to the condition of the title. Crow Wing County makes no representations regarding whether these parcels have access now or will have access in the future.

Unsold Sale Listings
A complete list of tax forfeited land for purchase is available. A listing of unsold parcels or separate listings by cities and townships is also available below.