Comprehensive Recreation Trails Plan

About the Plan
On February 14, 2012, the Crow Wing County Board approved the Comprehensive Recreation Trails Plan. The Comprehensive Recreation Trails Plan:
  • Focuses on the recreation trails and facilities under the direct management of Crow Wing County.
  • Establishes a consistent and objective planning process for the proposal and development of recreation trails.
  • Provides a set of criteria and conditions for evaluating potential trails.
  • Establishes a process and tasks for monitoring trail use and coordinating enforcement.
  • Sets standards and activities to enhance customer access to trail information and the opportunities Crow Wing County provides.
  • Identifies 6 specific near-term trail development opportunities, including key trail links to regional recreation trails.
Crow Wing County Public Land Management initiated the project to develop a comprehensive recreation trails plan for county managed public lands. The plan was informed by an evaluation of potential high conservation value forests under the county's management.

The plan addressed existing and proposed recreation trails that serve a full range of motorized and non-motorized uses, including ATV routes, equestrian trails, biking, hiking, dog-sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, and other trail based recreation types.

Management of Project
The county contracted with Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based non-profit, to manage the plan development project. Dovetail also oversaw the evaluation process for identifying high conservation value forests. View a video of a county field tour of the recreation trails by Dovetail.

Additional Information
Crow Wing County Land Services Department announced in a press release the completion of the revised County Comprehensive Recreation Trails Plan based on comments received during the most recent public comment period. Both the response to comments document and the plan are posted below. The plan will be presented to the County Board on Tuesday, February 14.