Trail Closures

Due to vulnerable trail surfaces during the spring thaw, selected forest trails administered by Crow Wing County Land Services will be temporarily closed to motorized vehicles. Please help Crow Wing County protect vulnerable forest trail surfaces and minimize maintenance costs in the future by not traveling on forest trails temporarily closed.
  • Closure signs will be installed at each trail to inform the traveling public.
  • Trail conditions will be periodically monitored by forestry staff and, when appropriate, closures will be lifted.
The Townships/Cities where trail closures exist are identified in the table below. Watch for Trail Closure Postings in Spring of 2014.

City/Township Map Trail Name Closed Date Open Date
Crosslake Buckskin Lane Forest Road 04-10-14 05-09-14
Crosslake Lily Pad Trail 04-10-14 05-02-14
Crow Wing Sec. 14 / 21 04-09-14 05-02-14
Emily Squaw/Papoose Trail 04-09-14 05-05-14
Emily Buchite Lake Trail 04-10-14 05-05-14
Emily Ruth Lake Trail 04-09-14 05-05-14
Fairfield Refuge Trail 04-09-14 05-05-14
Fifty Lakes Pistol Lake Trail 04-10-14 05-09-14
Fifty Lakes Whitetail Trail 04-10-14 05-09-14
Fifty Lakes East Wolf Lake Trail 04-10-14 05-09-14
Ft. Ripley Ft. Ripley ATV Trail 04-09-14 05-02-14
Irondale Sec. 6 Mine Pit Trail 04-10-14 05-02-14
Irondale Turkey Foot Trail 04-10-14 05-06-14
Little Pine Section 1 Trail 04-10-14 05-19-14
Oak Lawn Mississippi Northwoods Trail 04-08-14 05-05-14
Roosevelt Pine Center ATV Trail 04-10-14 05-05-14
Ross Lake Thompson Lake Trail 04-10-14 05-19-14
Timothy Buffalo Farm Road 04-10-14 05-09-14
Timothy Ramsey Road 04-10-14 05-09-14
Timothy West Wolf Lake Trail 04-10-14 05-09-14
Wolford Miller-Cole Lake Trail 04-09-14 05-05-14