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Most Wanted Suspects
Most Wanted

Melissa Jacobson Arrested Melissa Sue Jacobson
DOB: 11/24/1986
5'07"/130lbs/Brown Eyes
Offense: 5th Deg Drugs

Joshua Thurman
Joshua Dean Thurman
DOB: 01/21/1986
5'11"/185lbs/Hazel Eyes
Offense: POR Violation

Angela Raper Arrested Angela Marie Raper
DOB: 03/21/1983
5'07"220lbs/Hazel Eyes
Offense: 5th Deg Drugs, Drugs in Presence of Child

Joseph Roberts Arrested
Joseph Eugene Roberts
DOB: 11/12/1985
6'02"/155lbs/Green Eyes
Offense: Pornographic Material Involving Minors
Michael Olson
Michael Gregory Olson
5'10"/135lbs/Hazel Eyes
Offense: Drugs in Presence of Child
Cesar Vargas Sauceda
Cesar Otoniel Vargas Sauceda
DOB: 01/25/1988
5'11"/115lbs/Brown Eyes
Offense: 3rd Deg Crim Sexual Conduct
Denise Day
Denise Lynn Day
DOB: 03/30/1971
5'05"/170lbs/Brown Eyes
Offense: 5th Deg Drugs Possession
Manette Nelson-Johnson
Manette Faye Nelson-Johnson
DOB: 04/26/1975
5'05"/130lbs/Brown Eyes
Offense: 5th Deg Drugs