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Most Wanted Suspects
Most Wanted

Miles Nickaboine Arrested
Miles Jerome Nickaboine
DOB: 08/03/1986 5'11"/175lbs/Haz Eyes
Offense: Prob Viol - 5th Deg Drug Poss

Krystal Rossman Arrested
Krystal Marie Rossman
DOB: 07/12/1985
5'05"/125lbs/Haz Eyes
Offense: FTA - 5th Deg Drug Poss

Robert McGuire Canceled
Robert Patrick McGuire
DOB: 03/06/1980
5'07"/145lbs/Haz Eyes
Offense: FTA - 2nd Deg Drug Poss

Benjamin Buchite
Benjamin Joseph Buchite
DOB: 09/21/1989
6'01"/289lbs/Bro Eyes
Offense: Prob Viol - 5th Deg Drug Poss
Aaron Swanson
Aaron Derrick Swanson
6'02"/205lbs/Blu Eyes
Offense: Prob Viol - 5th Deg Drug Poss
Matthew Hop
Matthew Brian Hop
DOB: 06/29/1979
5'11"/168lbs/Blu Eyes
Offense: FTA - Theft
Mark Quinn Jr
Mark Todd Quinn Jr
DOB: 02/27/1987
5'04"/110lbs/Bro Eyes
Offense: FTA - Burglary
Angela Bevins Arrested
Angela Lynn Bevins
DOB: 01/28/1977
5'04"/125lbs/Grn Eyes
Offense: FTA - Theft