Floodplain Information

How may we assist you?

Environmental Services of Crow Wing County will assist the homeowner who needs to provide proof to their mortgage lender as to whether or not the insurable structure lies with the floodplain. An "Out As Shown" (PDF)map can be prepared for a fee of $50 that will detail where the floodplain is in relation to the insurable structure on your property. This service is only available if your structure is not in the floodplain. To order an "Out as Shown" (PDF) map, please print & complete the form (PDF) and submit with your $50 payment to the address listed on the form (PDF).

What are floodplains?

Floodplains are areas susceptible to flooding that are adjacent to rivers, streams, and lakes. In flat areas, the floodplain can extend more than a mile from the flooding source. Floodplains can also be the normally dry areas adjacent to wetlands, small ponds, or other low areas that cannot drain as quickly as the rain falls. A smaller area might be covered by floods every other year, on average (50-percent chance or 2-year floodplain), but a larger area will be covered by the flood that has a 0.2-percent chance of happening in a given year (the 500-year flood). The 1-percent chance (or 100-year) flood is the standard for Minnesota and federal minimum regulations. There is a 1-percent chance of this flood level being equaled or exceeded in any given year. The 100-year floodplain is the land adjoining lakes and rivers that would be covered by the 1-percent chance (or 100-year) flood. Along large rivers, like the Mississippi River or Red River of the North, floodplains usually are flooded during spring after heavy snow seasons. On these and other floodplains, flooding can also result from intense rains.

For more detailed information, please see the following websites:

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