Crow Wing County ALERT

About Crow Wing County ALERT: Get emergency alerts and optional community alerts by signing up for the Crow Wing County Emergency and Community Alerts program. This provides a means for County and City officials to notify you by phone, email, SMS TXT, and/or TTY/TDD, is elected by you. You create and control your enrollment profile, and your information is protected by a username and a password that you create. Using your username and your password, you may change or even delete your profile at any time.

Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office will be able to notify you directly of emergencies, with requirements or recommendations for residents and property owners; this can be used for County-wide, Cities or Townships or other localized emergencies. If you so select, this will also provide a way for the County and Cities to notify you of important information such as Snow Plowing or Snow Emergency's, Road Projects and other Community Events & Information.

Powered by Everbridge, this system broadcasts messages at exceptionally high speed (thousands of calls per minute), going through your contact paths until it gets feedback that someone at your end has acknowledged receipt of the message. Crow Wing County relies on you to supply the necessary information. If you don't enroll, you will not receive the alerts.

How To Sign-Up

First Step:

Visit the Sign Up website on Everbridge. Sign Up and then construct your profile with, at minimum, the following:

  1. Create and enter a username (at least 6 characters long, with letters and/or numbers).
  2. Create and enter a password (at least 8 characters, with both letters and numbers).
  3. Pick a security question and enter answer.
  4. Review and check "I accept the terms of use."
  5. Type code shown into the field provided.
  6. Select Submit (if unacceptable entries exist, they will flag in red at top of page) to advance to next page.

Second Step: 

Check all the important community alerts of which you want to be alerted.

  1. Complete the About You section (continuing into Special Needs and Volunteer sections if you so check).
  2. Enter Ellington Community Alerts Locations You Care About, with up to 5 different locations (postal code limited to 06029).
  3. Click on Next at bottom right of page.

Third Step

  1. Fill in the How to Contact You section with phone numbers (include area code), email addresses, etc., and list order of contact both for Emergencies and for Community Alerts.
  2. Click on Submit at bottom of page.

Final Step

After viewing your profile and making any needed edits, click on Log Out at top of page after Welcome (your name), completing the sign-up process.

You can then terminate your session.


If you need help to sign-up or to change your information, you can email or contact the Emergency Management Director at 218-825-3443.