Crow Wing County maintains over 640 miles of roadway and right of way, as well as numerous bridges. County State-Aid Highways (PDF), County Roads (PDF), and roads in the First Assessment District (PDF) and Second Assessment District (PDF) are maintained by the County Highway Department. The 2019 Maintenance Calendar outlines planned activities for the year.

There are many roads not maintained by the county for various reasons, such as:

  • Cities and townships maintain roads within their incorporated limits not under the jurisdiction of the county or state
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) maintains U.S. and state highways
  • Private residents or homeowner associations maintain private roads or roads constructed in private subdivisions

To report a problem on a county road, please call our office or submit a maintenance request.

We are looking for your comments on how we are doing with maintenance, let us know at: HOW ARE WE DOING?

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        November 22, 2021

Winter Maintenance

The county's Snow and Ice Operations Methodology (PDF) and Snow Plow Priority & Level of Service (PDF) map outlines the procedures used for plowing county roads. Learn about issues related to using salt (PDF) for deicing. Snow event reports list conditions, costs and goals by route for each event. Register for alerts from Crow Wing County, including when snow plows will be deployed


  • Watch a video about Snowplows and Winter driving safety.
  • Watch a video about current snowplow technology used by the county and snowplow safety.
  • Watch a video about anti-icing technology used by the county.
  • Watch a video about the Anatomy of a Winter Storm.

Road Conditions

Check state-wide road conditions at the 511 website or call 511 for automated information.

Snow in Driveways

When clearing snow from your driveway do not push it out into the roadway or public right of way. Depositing snow and ice onto a public roadway can cause a hazard for motorists and is a misdemeanor under Minnesota Statute 160.2715.

To avoid snow deposited at the end of your driveway during plowing operations, clear an area next to the road before your driveway. The snow carried by the plow will drop in the open area, and not on the end of your plowed driveway.

When marking your driveway use blue or white reflectors placed at least 12 feet from the outside edge of the shoulder. Using red or yellow reflectors could be confused with motor vehicle lights.

Placement of Garbage Containers

Garbage containers placed on the edge of the roadway may interrupt snow plowing operations and degrade the level of service that is to be provided. Improperly placed trash cans also may cause an unsafe condition when plow drivers may encroach into the opposing lane of traffic to avoid the obstruction. Please place garbage cans behind the shoulder of the road and as far away from the driving lane as possible.

Highway Sweeping

As part of post-winter maintenance, the Highway Department routinely sweeps County Highways to remove sand and other debris. Watch a video explaining highway sweeping and highlighting motorcycle and bicycle safety.

First Assessment District Roads

Residents within the First Assessment District (Unorganized Territory) may petition for 1-time maintenance of roads platted for public use and not maintained by the county or the state. Basic, non-routine road maintenance will be provided by the County, acting on behalf of the unorganized First Assessment District, as outlined in the policy (PDF) adopted by the County Board on October 23, 2007. A petition for Maintenance Service may be found under On-Line Services - Licenses and Permitting. A Policy and Procedure (PDF)for Requesting Existing Gravel Town Roads to be Improved to a Bituminous Surface was adopted by the County Board on October 11, 2016. Please email Rob Hall our office with any questions.

If you are unsure if your road is located in the First Assessment District, you can search by road (PDF) name or view the map (PDF).

Road Construction Specifications

In order for the County to accept roads to become part of the County or First Assessment District road system, the road must meet the policy (PDF) adopted by the County Board April 23, 2019. Also see Typical Roadway Cross-section diagram (PDF) for details.

Driveway/Entrance Access

Driveway access to a county road requires that a permit be obtained prior to construction. Apply for an Entrance Permit online or in our office.

Mailbox Supports

The County Board adopted a Mailbox Support Policy (PDF) which was revised on January 1, 2017. The policy includes a diagram showing specifications (PDF) for installation of the approved swing-a-way mailbox support.

Residents with a mailbox along a county road may purchase a mailbox support for $50.00 (plus tax), or have it installed for $90.00 (plus tax). Order a mailbox support to be installed and pay on-line. Residents with a mailbox along a township road or city street may purchase a mailbox support for $90.00 (plus tax) at our office.

County Ditches

Understanding Minnesota Public Drainage Law (PDF)