Rules & Regulations

Per Alarm Ordinance Number 1401 (PDF), it is unlawful for any person to have an alarm on their premises unless the alarm is registered with the Sheriff’s Office and the registration fees are paid.

Registration Information

Alarm owners are encouraged to renew online in 3 Easy Steps (PDF), or visit Crow Wing Alarms, but can also choose to register and submit payments in-person and by mail. After your initial registration online, you will be contacted via email. All alarm information is stored on a secure server accessible only to Sheriff’s Office staff for the purpose of responding to a sounded alarm.

The current fee for new and renewal applications is $10, which goes towards offsetting the expense involved in managing the registration process and maintaining records throughout the year. The Sheriff’s Office hopes to continue to reduce or even eliminate this fee in the future as efficiencies are gained from the online system.

Updating Information

Once registered at Crow Wing Alarms all updates are processed through this website.

Please contact the Civil Process Unit at 218-829-4749 with any additional questions or concerns.

Additional Resources