According to Minnesota Statutes, properties sold by foreclosure can be redeemed by the mortgagor. Mortgage foreclosure sales typically have redemption periods of 5 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year. The most common redemption period is 6 months. If the Sheriff's Office sold the foreclosed property you may redeem the property through the mortgage company's attorney or the Sheriff's Office; either way is satisfactory. If you plan to redeem the property, you must first contact the attorney for the mortgage company.

Redemption Through the Sheriff's Office

If you choose to redeem through the Sheriff's Office, you will need to notify the mortgage company's attorney of your intent to redeem and also advise them to fax our office the payoff amount. Our office requires 2 business days notification before the redemption may occur. Payment for the redemption amount must be cash or certified funds for the entire amount. Our office requires 2 certified checks to be written, 1 to the mortgage company for the redemption amount and 1 to the Sheriff's Office for $250 to cover our redemption costs. Other fees will include $100 for the Notice of Intent to Redeem for Jr. Lienholders.