Identity Theft

Defining Identity-Related Crimes

Experts say that the reality of identity theft is that nobody is immune from being victimized, but that there is plenty we can do to prevent it from happening. Being aware is the key to our defense. A term that encompasses all types of identity related crimes, including identity theft, mail theft, and financial transaction card fraud. Victims fall into 3 broad categories:
  • At-risk individuals are those individuals whose information has been compromised such as a stolen purse/wallet, robbery or bulk data theft.
  • Illegitimate victims (otherwise known as "people seeking victim status") are those individuals who are behind on their bills and are being hounded by creditors. They participate in card swapping where they have someone take their credit card and they take the other persons credit card and go shopping in different towns and then report their credit card stolen on Monday morning.
  • Legitimate victims are those whose personally identifying information (PII) have been used by criminals.

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