Release Advance Planning RAP

Everyone makes mistakes.

Most of the time, we learn from our mistakes and move on. Sometimes the mistake is a poor choice with more severe consequences like Jail!

A successful re-entry into the community always starts with the individual recognizing that a change in his or her life is needed.

Working collaboratively, county and community entities, as well as active participation by the inmate, a plan for successful re-entry into the community is developed.

Release Advance Planning (RAP) does not promise jobs. It does not promise housing. And it certainly does not promise a trouble-free life. But it does promise that a team of people, working together, will try to help the person who is trying to help him or herself.

The RAP Program is voluntary and open to all Crow Wing County residents who are in the Crow Wing County Jail and have been sentenced. A simple application gets the process started.

Video on RAP Program.