Wanted Persons

There are approximately 1000 active warrants in Crow Wing County at any given time. As arrests are made, new warrants are issued. These warrants vary in degree from Misdemeanor (MS), Gross Misdemeanor (GM), and Felony (FE) with a misdemeanor being the least severe. The level of the warrant is dictated by the level of the related offense.


Offenses vary greatly, but some of the most common are -- Issuance of Dishonored Check, Traffic related violations, Assault, Contempt of Court-Child Support, Probation Violation and DWI.


The Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office works diligently to arrest parties for which a warrant has been issued. The tips that you provide can be very useful to us in making those arrests. The Sheriff also encourages individuals to contact our office directly if they or someone they care about finds themselves on our list. The Sheriff's Office can help answer questions regarding what, if anything, can be done to address the warrant without having to be arrested and seen by the judge.

You can email or call in tips and/or information to the Sheriff's Office. The information will remain anonymous.

View link for list of Active Warrants.